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We started out specializing in the production of precision shop drawings. Our shop drawings are extremely detailed and in-depth,combining all the necessary structural and architectural information pertaining to the development. The smallest shortcoming is quickly identified and rectified before actual construction begins. This improved work efficiency while increasing productivity and punctuality in the completion of projects.

We have since expanded our clientele to include many global players in the industry and our range of services has also since been broadened. We provide IT-enabled drawing solutions for our business partners in the construction field, ranging from Structural, Architectural, M&E to BIM drawing services and coordination works. Fitted with state-of-the-art CAD machines, we have the capability to be highly adaptable and offer our clients fast turnaround time on their projects. We are a one-stop drawing station for all your drawing/drafting needs.

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For business partners who requires an urgent influx of manpower to boost production, yet would prefer to have full control in the drawing production process, we recommend the hybrid solution. We will station the drawing team lead on your site, they will take instructions and coordinate the drawing team within the confines of your office. The rest of the drawing team will be stationed offsite in our drawing offices. You will be able to observe the drawing process in real-time in your office. Instructions will be seamlessly transmitted and corrections made on the spot. You will be able to convey your instructions individually to each specialist via tele-conferencing. The drawings will also be accessible immediately on your end.


Offsite Drafting

For projects that are relatively simpler and more static, we provide our offsite drafting solutions. This option is recommended for business partners who has space/time constraints, who needs to urgently supplement their drawing team without affording additional space and equipment on short notice. We will assign a drawing team, with a head drawing coordinator exclusively to you. The size of the drawing team is flexible and is determined based on the client. The drawing coordinator will make trips down to the site for discussion and instructions periodically which will then be transmitted to the assigned drawing team. The completed drawings will then be delivered for your review.

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Onsite Drafting

We understand the dynamic nature of construction drawings and the need for immediate feedback/amendments in an ever evolving project. For business partners in a dynamic environment who would like to exert more control and be more involved in the drawing process, we recommend/provide onsite drafting solutions. We will station our CAD specialists on-site, fully equipped with the required software. Our specialists are all well-trained with working experience ranging from 3 to 20 years. Our specialists are independent and hard workers, willing to put in the hours when needed to ensure the best possible result in the shortest time frame. We will assess and assign the most suitable specialists based on your site requirements.